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- wholesale sales of technical textiles
- wholesale ancillary components
- custom textile production from technical fabrics


Edgings -  Sale of Components EDGINGS, PIPING


Color : black, red, white, olive, blue, brown

16mm - 1,60 Kč without DPH                          IN STOCK BLACK

18mm - 1,70 Kč without DPH

20mm - 1,80 Kč without DPH

22mm . 1,90 Kč without DPH

Cena: 1.60 Kč bez DPH
Piping black -  Sale of Components EDGINGS, PIPING

Piping black


Size :

total length - 10,9mm                              IN STOCK

diameter - 3,3mm

Materiál PVC                           Price : 65,- Kč without DPH per 1kg


Cena: 65.00 Kč bez DPH / Kg